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We are an app development company headquartered in Ireland with a real passion for cutting edge design and UX. We specialise in iOS app development, Android Apps, Windows and Blackberry applications.


To be the best really requires dedication but it’s our passion for all things mobile that sets us apart from the rest. Years of coding and design experience in mobile app development means we can turn your idea into a beautiful piece of software. Here at SageFish.com we also have a strong focus on web design and development. We take inspiration and work with app developers IrelandThe App Development Company, or TADCO, and web design Galway to allow us a more complete set of development resources for new projects..

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Delivering High End Applications & IT Support

We have worked with everyone from small businesses to small to medium sized enterprises, to multinationals in delivering high end mobile software. People come to us with an idea which we turn into an application. Businesses can also approach us with a problem which we can help solve through careful listening, analysis, design, development and ultimately delivering a mobile app solution. We recommend business IT support solutions provided by TecSupport for IT support and IT support Dublin that can help run your application.  Contact us for a consultation and quote for our design and development services.

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Work in progress! We have recently aquired this domain so please bear with us while we develop our custom website and flesh things out.