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There are various ways and means to create the best app or the next big thing in the mobile app world. Everyone wants to know how to create an app that is engaging, something that will ensure immediate success. There are several books and tutorials out there ready to guide interested individuals what to do. However, one important lesson which everyone must learn is that the learning process is incomplete without knowing the most common pitfalls to avoid. Here are the common mistakes to avoid when developing a mobile app:

Having too many features

One of the most common mistakes developers commit is putting too many features on their mobile app.  As a developer, it is essential that you understand what your app is supposed to do and what are its unique functions that can help serve your users. Your app should aim to meet the immediate needs of the user. Focus on your target audience and ask yourself what they need and how your app can meet these needs.

User experience is of utmost importance. Anything that the user will find difficult to use will not sell and this means wasted time and effort on your part.  Your app should use features which will work best on particular mobile devices.

Creating complicated UI

The UI or user interface should be intuitive and easy to operate. The users should be able to learn to use your app quickly. It needs to be simple and well-laid-out. It is a must to understand that the average user is not technologically advance. As a matter of fact, they are not geeks. So UIs which are difficult to understand will never be received well by an audience.

Although there have been apps which were complicated and successful at the same time, it is still best to be simple. If you want to go the difficult and complicated route, you should include a how-to section in your app.

Adding on too many platforms

One temptation, which must be resisted, especially during the early stages, is to immediately start developing for too many apps, all at once.  This will raise your costs exponentially and it is also counter-productive, as it runs the risk of reducing the chances of your app’s success in the marketplace.

Plan out your strategies in advance. Do you want to develop the app for iOS devices first? Or do you want to prioritize Android devices? Research the mobile platforms in the market today so you can make a sound decision as to which mobile platform to choose. Be realistic about your plans so you can achieve your goals.

Releasing a pilot version of your app will give you a good idea of what people like and hate about your app then you will be able to make the necessary changes which your audience will absolutely love.

By knowing the most common mistakes in mobile app development, you will be able to avoid them and ensure the success of your mobile app.

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